Qualcomm to Produce Laptop Processors

It looks like Qualcomm is set to move out of the mainly mobile and tablet market and will produce processors for the new Windows 8 laptops.
Qualcomm have claimed that their new S4 chips will allow companies to create laptops that are much lighter and smaller than the current generation of Intel powered Ultrabooks, most of which weigh in a little over one kilogram.
“The S4 chips will enable smaller laptops with high-resolution screens, longer battery life and always-on connectivity,” Qualcomm​ have claimed.
Qualcomm chips will come with system on chip architecture, this will allow them to have an integrated modem and so 4G connectivity potentially. It is also thought, such a chip would dramatically increase battery life, something of a weak point of the x86 devices currently.
The coming of Qualcomm to the laptops market would greatly increase the amount of competition there currently and is another threat to Intel, who may be getting uneasy in their boots.
ARM has also designed a number of chips, claimed to give longer battery time and may also be a real threat to the Intel stronghold. Intel still is in the strongest position with full support for legacy Windows apps, though these changes are set to add a lot more competition, something that may be good for customers.