Sony to Release Chromebook

Electronics giant Sony looks set to release a  laptop that will run Google’s Chrome operating system, according to documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission.
The laptop, which according to the documents submitted to the FCC looks very like Samsung’s Chromebook, though has a smaller 11inch screen. The laptop is said to have two USBs, a SD slot,  though we have little knowhow of the internal specs. There is a sim slot which would allow Chrome OS to work outside of Wi-Fi areas.
Suggestions are that the Sony would have a Nvidia Tegra 250 T25 ARM CPU, which would be a leap away from the ASUS and Samsung Intel powered Chromebooks.
Google have ridden a wave of success with their Android operating systems for phones and tablets, however the Chrome OS was cooly received by many and sales stagnated after a small flurry initially.
Sony would be  the third manufacturer to enter into the Chromebook market and this would be the fifth Chromebook in existence, both Acer and Samsung have two each. Expectations for pricing are between £250-£350 approx and it’s expected we’ll see it on shelves sometime by the end of the summer after it makes it thought the FCC testing process.
It will remain interesting to see whether Sony will offer a range of colours, as well as a choice of both Wi-Fi and 3G versions of other manufacturers.