Ofcom have given T-Mobile and Orange the approval to launch 4G mobile internet

T-Mobile and Orange have been given approval by Ofcom to launch the next generation of mobile internet, that will take over from 3G.

However, Ofcom’s decision has left Vodafone upset at the decision. Nonetheless, as a result Britain could get its first 4G network by this autumn. In terms of a specific date T-Mobile and Orange could roll out the next generation of mobile internet by 11th September.

As previously mentioned the Ofcom decison has left Vodafone shocked, as Everything Everywhere, Britain’s largest mobile company and the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile, have been given permission to launch the next generation of mobile internet without having to wait for the auction of British airwaves shceduled to conclude early next year.

Even though Ofcom said the timing was a coincidence it could be that Orange and T-Mobile will launch the 4G network before the launch of the iPhone 5, set for a 12th September launch date.