Acer S7 laptop is suited to Windows 8

Individuals will be able to take advantage of the operating system’s benefits – such as its swipe system – thanks to a hinge that allows the computer to be folded back flat and an improved touchscreen facility.
The Daily Telegraph explained this means users can lie the product on a table for greater ease of use and to make the most of the Windows 8 features, noting people should harbour no fears about whether or not the system will run smoothly on the machine.
Available in 11 inches or 13 inches, the S7 boasts a glass-like aesthetic and comes in at less than half an inch thick.
The laptop – which is kept cool by one fan pulling in cold air and another ensuring warmer air is released – has also been praised for its solid design and improved touchscreen offering by Ars Technica, although the product lost scoring points due to its low battery life and awkward-feeling keyboard.