General Electric unveils ultrathin laptop cooler

This new product, which is known as Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets, is to be used for thin laptops and tablets and should result in machines using cooling devices no larger than a credit card to keep the temperature down, My Broadband reports.

These smaller items will be used instead of more commonly adopted cooling fans and heatsinks.

GE explained the technology could be used in future on devices that are no more than 6mm in thickness, while the cooling solution stands at just 4mm tall.

This represents a 50 per cent reduction in height when considered against other ways currently used to prevent laptops from overheating.

The futuristic element of the new technology has been underlined by the method in which it has been developed.

According to GE – which is a worldwide infrastructure, finance and media company that has been coming up with innovations for more than 130 years – the technology used was originally created for use in commercial jet engines.