Amazon Appstore downloads see fivefold increase


The online retailer and technology firm has seen a massive increase in the popularity of its software download service since the launch of the Kindle Fire HD, its latest hit tablet device.

Following the debut of the tablet, the number of games supporting Amazon’s GameCircle service has doubled, while a growing number of developers are releasing software that features in-app purchasing systems.

The company has announced these new figures to coincide with the debut of A/B Testing, a new system that allows developers to generate data on app usage and tailor their product accordingly.

Currently, there are thousands of apps available through the Amazon Appstore, which can be accessed from Kindle Fire devices, home computers and Android-enabled phones and tablets.

Amazon will soon be enhancing its Kindle Fire range with new features such as Voice Guide and Explore by Touch, both of which will make the devices more accessible and easy to use.