Apple MacBook named most reliable laptop

According to a 2012 reader satisfaction survey by PC World, Apple continues to dominate the market, with the brand receiving almost all of the highest scores in the various satisfaction measures.

The poll revealed just six per cent of respondents have experienced significant problems with their MacBook.

Out of a possible ten marks, Apple achieved 9.2 for display quality, 8.9 for keyboard, 8.8 for touchpad, 8.6 for design, 8.2 for ports, 8.6 for performance for the price and 9.3 for reliability.

Apart from Apple, other manufacturers also scored relatively well on the satisfaction scales, with Lenovo, Asus and Sony performing slightly better than average.

PC World noted: “Universally, consumers reported high satisfaction with their laptops’ display quality and said that they were generally satisfied with the port selection on their machines.”

The organisation explained complaints about laptop performance tended to centre on poor speaker quality, while some consumers were not overly impressed with their laptop touchpads.