Toshiba releases Satellite P875-31P laptop

The machine promises high performance and entertainment features, with a stylish aesthetic ensured through its silver finish and glossy black screen, PC Advisor reports.

Weighing in at just shy of 3 kg and sitting 34 mm in thickness, the machine is not the slimmest computer on the market, although it is not meant to be the most portable of products and it is unlikely users will move it around the house too often.

The size of the laptop means it is able to boast a 17.3-inch windscreen, as well as a large keyboard and a separate number pad.

In addition, the Satellite P875-31P features a sizeable trackpad, while its support for Windows 8 comes in the form of the ability of a user to move their finger from the wrist rest to the trackpad in one motion, which supports the Charms bar and other recent apps.

The machine also includes a Blu-ray optical drive and Harman Kardon stereo speakers.