Laptops remain popular among younger people

Research carried out by Cisco and published today (December 12th) has established that while smartphones are growing in popularity, the laptop is still the primary choice for a large proportion of people aged between 18 and 30, Computer World reports.

The survey – which involved questioning 1,800 individuals in this group in 18 nations – found that 37 per cent of respondents prefer laptops, while 32 per cent indicated they prioritise the ownership of a smartphone.

By contrast, 16 per cent would choose a desktop if they could own just one gadget, while 11 per cent would keep a tablet.

However, the popularity of smartphones is growing among Generation Y, Cisco noted, as these devices have overtaken laptops in terms of popularity in the US.

Neil Wu Becker, director of global research at Cisco, commented: “The smartphone seems to be evolving beyond tool status. It’s more of an appendage that satisfies our craving to stay connected, and contributes to our sense of well being.”