5 top tips to picking the perfect student laptop

1. Size – Make sure you pick the right size, anything over 15″ will be far too heavy for you to constantly carry around from lecture to lecture and anything below 13″ will prove to be rather tedious to use.

2. Design – Make sure you pick a laptop that feels like it is going to last. You might want the most flash and cool laptop but you also want a laptop that will survive those all nighters and not decide to turn off mid-dissertation writing.

3. Specifications – Even if it costs a little extra get it. You want a laptop that will hopefully last the duration of your stay at university. Try and stick to Intel’s new range of i-processors and when it comes to memory anything from 4GB or above is more than sufficent. Even though SSDs are the best in terms of looking after your data they are rather expensive so a standard 500GB hard drive will be more than sufficent.

4. Battery Life – Battery life is sometimes vital especially when you’re trying to find a space to sit in the library and it’s no where near a plug point. Certain manufacturers do not include this information so check out our reviews to see if you can find the laptop you’re after.

5. Keyboard – This is probably one of the most important features of a student laptop. You have to make sure that it is comfortable and easy to use. The keyboards that are featured on Apple’s MacBook range are a perfect example of a keyboard that is easy to use, comfortable and includes nicely spaced out keys.