Google Nexus 7 reportedly suffering glitches and sold out on the Play Store

Google have not necessarily had the best week. The Google Nexus 7, even though off to a flying start, has been reported to be suffering from dead pixels and the screens of some models have been reported to come loose from their casing.

These problems are said to be easily fixed with screws simply needing tightening. Furthermore, the problem with dead pixels is covered by Google’s warranty or the store that the device was purchased from. However, even those these problems are solvable it certainly does not work in the favour of Google.

It is not clear how wide spread Google Nexus 7 problems are, for the time being it seems to be rather isolated, with sales rocketing in both the US and the UK.

Sales have been soo well that Google’s Play store is reporting that it is sold out of the £199 16GB Google Nexus 7 tablet. The Play Store, in the UK and US, simply now shows ‘coming soon’. However, the £159 8GB Google Nexus 7 tablet is avaliable for order.