Apple iPhone 5 to feature thinner screen due to in-cell technology

The iPhone 5 rumour mill is ablaze once more and this time it concerns the screen of the much anticipated next generation iPhone, especially after iPhone 5 images leaked onto the internet.

The screen on the iPhone 5 is said to be made from ‘in-cell’ display technology which will make it not just slimmer but also far lighter than on previous models.

This would mean that even though the iPhone 5 is said to be bigger than it’s predecessor the iPhone 4S, it could actually weigh less due to the inclusion of weight-saving technology such as the ‘in-cell’ display.

The screen of the iPhone 4S features a display built up in three layers. The first layer consists of an LCD panel followed by capacitive sensors and then finally a layer of glass.

However, the ‘in-cell’ technology simply merges the capacitive sensors with the LCD panel which in turn makes the overall screen far thinner.

Apple, however, are not the first to try this out. Samsung have been using a similar type of technology inside their Galaxy smartphones since 2010 and the advent of Super AMOLED displays. The only difference is that Apple are opting for the use of LCD screens rather than AMOLED screens.

However, with the launch date of the iPhone 5 set for August 7th and the release of the much anticipated next generation iPhone set for this autumn the rumour mill will only keep on creating new possiblities that will feature in this great piece of gadgetry.