iPad Air goes on sale

Apple’s new iPad Air has gone on sale today (November 1st).

The tablet has so far received good reviews and is said to be lighter, thinner and more powerful than its predecessors.

Prices for the device start at £399, which Apple hopes is justified by a more advanced processor, among other features.

In Hong Kong, the iPad Air sold out two hours after going on sale, although some reports suggest that this might have been because Apple underestimated demand for the device in the country as this trend has not yet been replicated anywhere else in the world.

However, a study released by sellmymobile.com revealed that the launch of the new product has contributed to a recent 585 per cent increase in the number of people choosing to trade in their tablet.

The research found that 15 per cent of the 1,000 respondents were planning on getting rid of their current device within the next three months.

Over a third of those said they would use the money raised to purchase the iPad Air, which led both the Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini 2 as the most desirable tablet for those wishing to upgrade.