Amazon Kindle Fire 2 set for August 7th launch

The news of Google’s Nexus 7 has ensured rumours of an iPad Mini and now there is a possibility that Amazon could respond to Google’s moderately priced tablet with the release of their very own Kindle Fire 2.

The main difference between the Kindle Fire 2 and its predecessor will be the fact that the Kindle Fire 2 will have a metal body and a different battery.

However, there could be multiple versions of the Kindle Fire 2. One version could come with a 1024×600 display and no integrated camera and the other would come with a 1280×800 display and a camera.

In addition, there is a possiblity that a third version of the Kindle Fire 2 could be released at some point in the future that would feature 4G connectivity and possibly include a 1920×1200 display.

It seems that Amazon are prepared to tackle every part of the tablet market hoping to appeal to everyones price range.

It is rumoured that it will be set for a 7th August 2012 release and it is likely Amazon will announce this sometime around July 31st 2012.