Nintendo Wii U sub-£200 price tag

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The Nintendo Wii U is set for a £200 price tag. This is in a bid to avoid the sales slump that affected the release of the Nintenda 3DS.
Most sources are pointing towards a price tag of around, or even just under, £200. These reports come after the price tag was expected to be set at around £250. However, the latest claims have put to bed the suggestions that the Nintento Wii U would cost anything more than £200.

In terms of a release date, it is expected that the Nintendo Wii U will be released on Novemeber 18th in the US. Furthermore, Amazon has recently started to list the console with a 21st December 2012 launch date.

However, is the Nintendo Wii U worth the wait? The Nintendo Wii U features a 6.2inch touchsreen and can be used either to display HUD info, mini-games, or simply to mirrir what’s happening onscren in rael time.

Apart from all the standard features and buttons, the next-generation gaming console includes 1080p HD gaming and internal flash memory that’s upgradable via SD or USB.