Amazon introduce cloud player to the UK

Amazon have recently introduced their Cloud Player service in the UK. Amazon’s Cloud Player allows people to store their music online and are then able to play it anywhere.
Due to Amazon’s scan and match teccnology that has access to a catalogue of 20 million tracks users are able to create an online library mirroring the music stored on their computer.
In addition, any songs that are purchased from Amazon’s numerous MP3’s are automatically saved to the Cloud Player for free.
Cloud Player is avaliable in two versions. The free and basic version that allows customers to store 250 traks to the Cloud Player for no charge at all.
However, anything above 250 and below 250,000 means the individual will have to be an annual fee of £21.99. More importantly, none of the MP3 purchases on Amazon count against the 250 or 250,000 limit.