UCAS and The Telegraph produce Clearing 2012 app for iPhone and Android

The Telegraph and UCAS have teamed up and have worked together to produce an exclusive University Clearing app for Apple and Android users.

The app have been released a month ahead of the release of A-level results that will reach students across Britain who have had to wait weeks to find out whether they will be going to the university of their choice.

However, for some results day will result in an anxious bid to find themselves a university place through the Clearing process if they are rejected from the universities of their choice.

The app, that has been produced by UCAS and The Telegraph, will help to guide students through this rather stressfull process.

In short, the app provides a search function that allows students to see which university places are avaliable and where they are avaliable. The app can be used to search and find places by course, university or even location.

If you are a student that could possibly face this then this Android or Apple app will be perfect for you. It is easy to use and will help you get through this anxious time of your life.