Microsoft Office 2013 features touch-screen capability

Microsoft 2013 has taken a leap into the future and includes touch-ready functionality. The announcement was made in San Francisco yesterday by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer.

Microsoft’s productivity suite is now primed for mobile devices, cloud computing and even social networking, especially after Microsoft’s takeover of Yahoo and Yammer.

The reason for such an overhaul is because the Office software is Microsoft’s key revenue driver, with a billion users worldwide.

Office 2013, like Windows 8, is fully touch-ready just like Microsoft’s tablet named ‘Surface’. Even though Microsoft have launched their tablet years after Apple’s release of the very first iPad, Microsoft’s power lays in its Office software which may very well help Microsoft into the tablet market.

However, Microsoft have not yet announced a release date or pricing information but it is very well expected that Office 2013 could be launched alongside Windows 8 this autumn.