YouView an internet TV service is launched in the UK

YouView is an internet TV service that combines the UK’s Freeview channels with on-demand online content.

This will ensure users have access to programmes that were broadcast over the previous week from the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Furthermore, users will have the ability to pause, rewind and play live TV.

The set-top box that is made by Humax is estimated to cost around £299 but this could very well fall to £99 in the next couple of years. This is also because the service will be made avaliable in two ways:

  • Retailers will offer the set-top box with no further subscription payments necessary and will begin to stock the set-top boxes further this month.
  • Internet service providers such as TalkTalk and BT will offer the service as part of one of their broadband packages. TalkTalk subscribers would get 12 months access to Amazon’s LoveFilm service.