Apple iPhone 5 release date will not be delayed by battery shortage issue

Early this week the team learnt that the launch of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, that is expected to be released sometime in October 2012, could be delayed by a battery shortage.
This battery shortage is due to the fact that it seems that only 30% of batteries produced by the suppliers currently meet Apple standards. However, a company like Apple will most probably have a contingency plan which will ensure that there will be no delay to the launch of their much anticipated next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5.
Certain analysts predict that the iPhone 5 will be released in September, yet this seems implausible due to Apple’s business model of annual releases. Furthermore, the rumour mill also generally points towards an October 2012 release date rather than a September 2012 release date.
The iPhone 5 is expected to stick with Apple’s standard upgrade pattern and the next generation iPhone is expected to feature a whole host of new features which is mainly due to the new iOS,iOS6. At the same time the phone will include a quad-core processor, an improved camera and if reports are accurate will feature a slimmer, metal design.
When it comes to price we can only estimate but you could very well expect to pay about £499 for the 16GB version of the next iPhone, with prices continuing all the way up to £699 for the 64GB edition.