Apple iOS6 steps up war with Google

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As previously reported iOS6, Apple’s latest mobile operating system was unveiled at the annual WWDC in San Francisco along with Mountain Lion, the next version of the Apple Mac operating system.

However, the unveiling of the latest iOS from Apple indicates that Apple have dropped their previous Maps app that relied upon Google’s Maps. In its place Apple have their own mapping app which threatens sat-nav manufactures. The mapping system includes turn-by-turn navigation for owners of the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad and are fully compatible with Siri.

Nonetheless, the new Maps app includes a high-quality 3D navigation system. If you want a more in-depth look at the new operating system from Apple then click here.

At the same time Google have also announced their own 3D mapping software for their mobile platform, Android. However, both companies have aroused concerns from some privacy campaigners due to their use of planes to capture the imagery that makes up their maps.

It’s biggest features include “eyes free”, a feature on which Apple said it had worked with car manufacturers to integrate a “Siri button” to activate the iPhone’s voice-operated assistant, Facebook integration and as previously mentioned a far superior maps app.

The Facebook integration is rather in-depth, Apple have incorporated Facebook ‘likes’ into iTunes and the App Store, allowing you to see which songs and applications their friends like before deciding what to buy. This seems to be inevitable considering Facebook integration by the likes of Spotify.

Furthermore, for the first time on Apple’s devices FaceTime will be made available over your cellular connection rather than having to rely solely on Wi-Fi. This is a feature that was available on iOS5 jail broken devices but as usual Apple often copy these ideas.

However, the reason that Apple seems to have switched to its own mapping platform is in order to create even more opportunities to monetise its users.

If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on iOS6 you will have to wait until the autumn unless you’re happy with the beta version that will be released this Tuesday.