UK probe reopens into how data was captured by Google Street View


As a result of a US probe uncovering more detail about how data is captured by Google’s street view cars, the ICO re-opened its investigation.

The reason behind the probe is due to the manner within which Google gathered personal data via cameras on cars that took pictures for Google’s UK Street View service.

The initial probe was dropped after it became apparent that limited data had been mistakenly collected. However, since then it has become clear that a Google engineer had deliberately written software to obtain a wider range of material, consequently the ICO has asked for more information.

The ICO are interested in learning what type of data was captured particuarlly when Google managers became aware of the issue. Furthermore, the ICO would like to know how the news was managed and why only certain parts of the data were represented in a sample that Google presented to the ICO in 2010. More importantly, the ICO have requested a certificate to show that the aforementioned data has been destroyed.

This could not have come at a more unfortunate time for Google’s Map app was recently dropped by Apple with the unveiling of their iOS6. For more information on this story click here.