World’s first internet tax placed on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7

Now days we get taxed for pretty much anything, road tax, council tax so on and so forth. Therefore, to hear the introduction of another tax would not surprise us. However, what comes as a surprise is that ¬†Australian online retailer has introduced the world’s very first tax on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 internet browswer.
This means for users of Internet Explorer 7 an extra surcharge will be made on top of online purchases made through the site The move by was due to the fact that only 3% of their customers used the old version of Microsoft’s internet browser but’s IT team spent more time than it was worth ensuring the site displayed properly on IE7.
It is not as bad as it sounds for Microsoft for this simply ensures that there old internet browser will be slowly phased out. However, it does set a scary precedent for online retailers could technically dictate which internet browsers were to be used by customers.