Microsoft set to release tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad range

Apple have single handily dominated the tablet industry for some time. There have been contenders in the past. However, with the release of the New iPad aka the iPad 3, Microsoft seem set to take Apple on in Appleā€™s own arena.
It seems that Microsoft are set to announce their own tablet in a weeks time at their own event in Los Angeles, America. This is a turn of events for Microsoft who often leave device announcements to the device makers. However, it seems that Microsoft are starting to borrow a few tricks from their rivals.
In essence this ensures that a Microsoft-manufactured tablet would put Microsoft in direct competition with their giant rival Apple. This seems to be a logical step for it would help imitate the quality control of the product. Microsoft are primarily moving to a type of quality control that Apple have been able to hold over their products due to the fact that Apple design both the software and hardware of their products.
This is in a bid in order to boost revenues and compete with the successes of the iPad, iPad 2 and the New iPad.