Alienware Ivy Bridge Refresh

Alienware has given the M-Series a refresh with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors.
The laptops remain the same physically, however the upgrade under the bonnet will mean significantly more power, all produced by the third generation of Intel processors.
As with the Alienware series, the custom configurations remain the same, however it is possible to add the new Ivy Bridge chips to the devices, as well as perform a number of other customisations. The new chips are claimed to increase performance by around a sixth when compared to the Sandy Bridge equivalent, not to be balked at.
There is also a refresh of the graphics cards available and the M-Series, which already offer both AMD and Nvidia cards now, has the choice of the AMD Radeon HD 7970M on the M17x. The M18xcan offer two of the same AMD cards, as well as Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M on the double if you like, too.
Memory has also been upgraded with 6GB of 1600MHz RAM  now standard over 4GB of 1333MHz memory. The computers can also now incorporate triple SSD as an option IN THE M18x, as well as including mSATA boot and caching drive to improve on performance.
Alienware however has not included the M11x in the refresh. Configurations start at £999 for the M14x, 1299 for the M17x and the M18x is £1699.