The latest iPhone 5 news, release date, price and rumours

As usual there is much speculation and a huge rumour mill has been erected around the release of Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 5.
It seems likely that the iPhone 5 will be released around the summer but as usual everything is simply rumour at this point, including release date, specs, features and price.
In harmony with Apple’s decision to re-name the iPad 3 the New iPad it seems that the iPhone 5 will be dubbed the New iPhone and is apparently currently still under construction.
Here at we have searched high and low to gather together all of the rumours and speculation around the iPhone 5 also known as the New iPhone.
It seems likely that Apple will launch the New iPhone in September or October 2012 which would fit with last year’s release of the iPhone 4S. If this is the case it seems that Apple have reverted to their 12-month launch cycles that we saw for the first four version of Apple’s smartphone defining device.
However, unlike the iPhone 4S, the New iPhone, instead of simply being an upgrade from its predeccessor, will bring a whole host of new features and even perhaps the addition of a 4G connection and a larger screen.
Even though there have been no offical reports on the iPhone 5’s screen size, the rumour mill seems to suggest that growing competition and market pressures have ushered Apple to introduce a new 4-inch model. This is perhaps the biggest over-haul of the iPhone since its re-modelling under the iPhone 4. The width of the screen would probably stay the same but the length of the screen would increase. The advantage of this would be that it would provide a new aspect ratio close to 16:9.
Further design features would be an all-metal back to help avoid the atenna issues experienced on the iPhone 4 and to help avoid the unsightly cracks that appear on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S if treated slightly rough.
Furthermore, the key reason to upgrade or to buy an iPhone or a New iPhone is its upgraded specification and design but will cost around the £799 mark. In terms  of specification Apple are set to use quad-core A6 chips as provided by Samsung and the design is suggested to be a unibody case that will create a sleek look. In short the next generation iPhone could most likely appear longer and thinner than before and include a widescreen aspect ratio.