MSI introduces new GX60 gaming laptop

The GX60 is being promoted as an ideal computer for those looking for a high performance gaming experience who do not have the money to splash out on more expensive options, Toms Hardware reports.
Andy Tung, vice-president for sales at MSI US, explained the product has a number of cutting-edge components – not least the latest AMD processor – noting the manufacturer has “spared no bells and whistles” putting the laptop together.
Mr Tung stated: “MSI is committed to the gaming community and we believe that exceptional performance leads to unparalleled gaming experience.”
Those who opt for the GX60 can enjoy a 15.6-inch full HD anti-reflection display, a 7200RPM 750 GB hard disk drive, 8 GB of RAM and a Blue-ray player.
In addition, the machine also boasts a Steel Series chicklet keyboard and a seven in one card reader.
And gaming fans in particular may be impressed with the computer’s Killer E2200 Game Networking and 802.11n wireless connectivity.

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