Acer introduces C7 to Chromebook family

The Google Blog reports that its partner Acer’s new offering aims to provide a hassle-free computing experience that places emphasis on security, speed and simple automatic updates.

Among the features of the new machine is a full-size keyboard, an 11.6-inch extra bright display and fully clickable trackpad, while the computer boasts a battery life in excess of 3.5 hours.

The C7 Chromebook includes a 320GB hard drive and 100GB of free storage on Google Drive, in addition to an Intel Core processor that enables the smooth playing of high definition videos and boot-ups within 18 seconds.

Families may find the laptop is the ideal addition to the home as it is being promoted as a portable and easy-to-share device, with people able to hold separate accounts on the machine and therefore use it for their own needs.

The Google Blog noted: “It’s exciting to see people using Chromebooks as the perfect additional computer in the home.”