One Laptop Per Child cancels tablet release

The non-profit organisation revealed it has cancelled its proposed new machine, although technology developed as part of the project could be used to help with other products in the future, Tech World reports.

Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of OLPC – which currently involves two million children and teachers in Latin America, in addition to 500,000 more around the world – said: “The XO-3 is by no means gone. It may emerge in its constituent parts rather than as a whole.”

Plans for the XO-3 were first revealed by the group in 2009, with early samples on show at numerous industry events this year.

Designed as a cost-effective learning tool for pupils in developing countries, the product was delayed due to issues surrounding the final design of the machine, while the low cost of the tablet also drew criticism.

Ed McNierney, chief technology officer at OLPC, said some of the tablet’s technologies – such as charging efficiency and flexible lower input – could be used by other companies in the years to come.