Refinements made to latest mobile phone from Apple

The latest mobile operating system for the newest Apple mobile phone has centred on refinement rather than revolution.

This is according to Olivia Solon, associate editor at – a technology website delivering news and reviews – who said in a website podcast that iOS 6 for the iPhone has a number of notable changes but has not undergone a total overhaul.

Ms Solon explained the biggest difference centres around maps, with Apple attempting to rival Google Maps with its new mapping system.

The service includes turn-by-turn driving instructions and can read aloud directions, while also offering 3D qualities.

However, Ms Solon noted that despite this sounding positive, many people have become annoyed at the fact parts of the country are not covered by the app, while public transport routes do not appear in the setup.

“In the grand scheme of things it’s not too bad to have one problem with their maps app – and it’s sure to improve I reckon,” she stated.

Another alteration made relates to privacy settings, as people now have the choice of turning off apps that access personal data.