Sony plan to release slimmer PlayStation 3 before the end of the year

Sony are marching towards the release of a smaller, thinner and lighter PlayStation 3 before the Christmas holidays. Sony have decided to do so in order to compete against the competition created by smartphones in the games industry.

The new PlayStation 3 will be near the size of a 15inch laptop and offers more hard-drive memory at 500GB and 250GB instead of the current 320GB and 160GB.

The global rollout will begin in a matter of days. September 25th will see North America recieve the 250GB version and the 500GB version will go on sale from October 30th.

Hopefully, the better looking PlayStation 3 will help Sony’s revenues. However, with the current demand for the iPhone 5 in America it seems unlikely that the PS3 will get a look in on Christmas wishlists this year.