Chromebook sales lower than expected

Sales of Google’s Chromebook are not likely to be as high as the IT giant is hoping.

According to new figures reported by NetMarketShare, during the first week of monitoring Chromebook web activity, just 0.02 per cent of traffic came from the Google operating system.

The laptops – which hit shelves in June 2011 – seems to have met the same fate as some Windows PCs and Macs by not doing as well as industry leaders expected.

However, Stephen Baker, analyst with the NPD Group in the US, said in a conversation with PC World that even though Chromebooks have not performed as well as hoped, they still own more than 20 per cent of clamshell notebook sales below $300 (£195).

“In terms of sales volume, we have been extremely impressed with how the new Chromebooks are doing at retail. It’s selling at a pretty decent rate for a product that retailers have been reluctant to support,” he added.

Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst with the Enderle Group in San Jose, California, was quoted by the news provider as saying Google miscalculated when it introduced the Chromebook.