Taiwan laptop and tablet show attracts 500k

Officials behind the Taipei Computer Application Show have revealed that over 500,000 people visited the exhibition over the weekend.

Daily sales at the summit have totaled NT$10 million (£220,000), with tablets and laptops by far the most popular goods at the event so far.

One of the main drivers behind attendees’ desire to splash the cash was the upcoming Father’s Day celebration, which takes place on August 8th in Taiwan, although with Chinese Valentine’s Day on the horizon, romantic tech-enthusiasts also spent big.

Acer, Asus and HTC, all of which operate corporate HQs in the tiny island nation, all saw large queues outside their stalls and this shows just how diverse the market share is in Taiwan, with consumers in the country also keen to check out Apple and Samsung’s latest offerings.

Perhaps the most popular tech at the show was Acer’s new Aspire V5 and V7 laptops, which were the focus of much of the event’s build-up.