Ofcom research shows state of UK living room tech

A new piece of research released by the Ofcom regulator has shown the way modern Britons use technology, including laptops and tablets, in their living rooms.

It was found by the body that 53 per cent of UK adults now use multiple devices while they are watching the TV.

While previously, all of a family’s attention might be directly fixed onto a television, it is now the case that Brits are a “nation of media multi-taskers” that like to constantly change the appliance they are using in order to avoid getting bored.

Smartphones are particularly popular with over half (51 per cent) owning these devices, while in 2011 only 27 per cent possessed the utility.

One of the best examples of the changing living room, according to Ofgem, was the recent Wimbledon men’s final, which was watched by more than ten million around the UK.

At the same time as people were fixated by Andy Murray’s ability to nearly throw away the match while two sets up in that last, excruciating game, more than 2.6 million people tweeted about the event, with 80 per cent of these coming from mobiles.