Nvidia tablet rumoured to hit market in 2014

There has been widespread speculation about whether or not Nvidia will enter the tablet market.

But the rumour and intrigue has stepped up a notch as Fudzilla has reported that the graphics card firm will release its own device to US and EU consumers in the first quarter of 2014.

Targeting the low-priced demographic, bosses at the firm are thought to be hopeful they can avoid competition from the Apple iPad and other big brands on the market.

However, with tablets becoming more and more popular across the world, the graphics card manufacturer will have a tough job on its hands in setting itself apart from competitors.

Earlier this year Nvidia launched its own console – the Shield – and this was not the success it wanted it to be, with both critical and consumer reception reported to be poor.

Sources close to Nvidia also said the tablet will include the new Tegra 5 chip, commonly known by its codename Logan.