Samsung smartwatch set for release

A number of recent findings shows a device with a flexible screen which wraps around the wrist. Furthermore, findings that Samsung have registered the name Samsung Galaxy Gear in the US, most probably the name of the Samsung Smartwatch.
Taking into consideration that smartphones are getting smaller and smaller whilst their technological capabilities increase, it seems that the smartwatch could be the next step in mobile technology.
However, if the watch simply acts as a screen for the phone the usability is evidently limited espeically if the users phone is nearby.
The smartwatch is reportedly able to access the internet; to make and recieve phone calls along with emails and texts. However, Samsung will have to compete with rivalry from Sony’s Smartwatch 2, TomTom’s Sport Watch range and Shanda Talks’s Geak Watch.
We expect to hear more from Samsung concering their smartwatch range at their next scheduled press event at the IFA consumer tech show in Berlin on 4th September 2013.