Record crowdfund pledge set for Ubuntu Edge smartphone

Canonical Ltd, a London-based developer, has generated around £6.6 ($10,288,472) in pledges for their ‘high concept’ smartphone. The proposal was a hybrid device, which will function as a high-end smartphone and a monitor, keyboard and mouse able to operate a conventional desktop PC running Ubuntu. Furthermore, the device will support dual boot and run along with Android. The possibilities are evidently endless.

Yet, the Ubuntu Edge is not intended to go into mass production after the initial run. However, the hybrid device will serve as a demonstration for new technologies for the industry. The possibilities are evidently endless.

Nonetheless, even though the company has set a record they are far from reaching its funding goal of £20.5m ($32m). If the goal is not reached in the remaining six days of the campaign Canonical Ltd will have to return any money raised. If the company is successful then the company would deliver 40,000 handsets to qualifying supporters by next May.

At the moment the future of the device is uncertain. However, if the money is raised the possibilities are exciting and endless.