Cambridge laptop thief sentenced

A thief who stole thousands of pounds worth of laptops from a Cambridgeshire school has had his community service contribution increased.
Alexander Hazel, 22, was given a six month suspended prison sentence and 200 hours of community service this summer for stealing six new laptops from Stour Valley Community School, according to Cambridge News.
However, Ipswich Crown Court heard that he only completed less than five per cent of this unpaid work.
Mr Hazel said he could not afford to do the community service because he was working such long hours in the first place to pay off other debts, but has pledged to take on the mandated occupation.
The thief has now added 20 hours to his total and has 155 to complete before he is free to carry on with his other jobs.
Mr Hazel’s original crime took place in May. He and accomplice Darren Oakley, 21, were seen by the school’s caretaker as they went back to get more laptops after an earlier attempt to steal the devices succeeded.
The caretaker called the police and the duo were arrested