Samsung unveils smaller hard drive

Samsung has released a smaller version of its solid state drive (SSD).

It originally released the 840 EVO SSD in August, and has now added this smaller, ultra-slim version to its range, called the 840 EVO mini SSD.

The SSD is a data storage device, which will mainly be used with laptops. Samsung claims that the device boasts the industry’s largest storage capacity and smallest size.

The mini SSD comes in a range of sizes – 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB – to suit a variety of needs. The device weighs 8.5g and is 3.85mm thick, and is a quarter of the size of its bigger counterpart.

The new SSDs come with Samsung Magician 4.3, which is a software tool that allows a sequential read speed of over 1,000MBps. This is approximately twice that of a typical mSATA SSD, and ten times the speed of an average hard drive, according to Samsung.

Unsoo Kim, Samsung’s senior vice-president of memory brand product marketing, said: “We expect that consumers can enjoy high storage volume and performance on ultra-slim notebooks besides desktop PCs.”

The price of the ultra-slim device is not yet known.