Dell releases educational Chromebook

Dell has unveiled its own Chromebook 11, which has an emphasis on education.

The 11-inch laptop has a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, an Intel Celeron processor, a solid-state hard drive and two USB 3.0 ports.

The new chromebook weighs just 2.9lb and is less than one inch thick. It also comes with ten hours of battery life, an HDMI port and either 2GB or 4GB of memory.

Neil Hand, vice-president of the tablet and PC performance group at Dell, said: “Dell believes that when implemented successfully, teachers, students and technology work together to enrich the learning process.”

Mr Hand added that the Chromebook 11 will be another tool for schools and districts as they plan their curriculum and digital content. It also features a web-based console that will allow teachers to easily track students’ activity and enforce safe online browsing.

Dell said that the Chromebook 11 “marries Google Apps for Education with Dell resources, services and support”.

The 4GB Dell Chromebook 11 launches in January 2014 in the US and UK, and the 2GB model will be on sale shortly after that. The new Chromebook is expected to sell for no more than $300 (£183).