Sky Go Extra comes to laptop and tablet users

Laptop and tablet owners in the UK are now able to purchase a subscription for Sky Go Extra, a new service that allows consumers to watch the latest films and TV shows on the move.

For £5 a month, individuals are able to download content to their computers for offline, on-the-go viewing, while subscribers can also register up to four devices simultaneously, twice the number currently permitted by Sky Go.

According to Sky, more than one-quarter of its 11 million customers are already using Sky Go and Sky Go Extra could be the first mobile TV subscription platform in the UK and Ireland to offer individuals downloadable material for when they are not connected to the internet.

Stephen van Rooven, managing director of sales and marketing at Sky, said together with its On Demand service and vast range of applications, the firm is continuing to “deliver helpful and innovative ways for customers to enjoy even more flexibility over when, where and how they enjoy Sky”.

Meanwhile, Sky’s competitors – such as Lovefilm and Netflix – are lagging behind, as they do not have access to the same level of content.