Air France CIO says Windows 8 tablets not as good as iPads

The chief information officer (CIO) at Air France has said Windows 8 tablets have not reached the same quality as Apple products.

Airliners are increasingly looking to use tablets to entertain bored business class passengers and to allow pilots to access statistical data about their flight path, according to Computing.

But Mr Jean-Christophe Lalanne, CIO of Air France, said his firm has a distinct preference for Apple tablets over their Microsoft counterparts because of their design and advanced technology.

“The difficulty we have today is that we don’t consider Windows 8 to be major enough. We think they have not reached the level and quality of iPads,” he added.

However, this in contrast to the opinion of easyJet CIO Trevor Didcock, who told Computing that Microsoft’s latest tablets are his preference for in-flight operations.

Pilots previously used hefty files full of instruction manuals and large, bulky laptops for their technical diagnostics but the proliferation of mobile technology means increasing numbers of airlines are giving their cockpit staff access to the computers.