Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date, Latest News and Trailer

The Grand Theft Auto series of games is much loved across the globe and has consistently illustrated that Rockstar Games up the ante every single time.

Now to give everyone a taste of what the next stage in the Grand Theft Auto series holds Rockstar Games have released a video of gameplay footage showing the areas players will be able to explore and gives users a taste of the detail incorporated into the latest part of the Grand Theft Auto series. Furthermore, players will be excited to see the first use of weapons in the new environments.

The clip follows three characters, Franklin, Trevor and Michael, as they take part in a heist. Players will be able to switch between the characters giving missions multiple dimensions of diversity and intensity.

In addition, the clip illustrates that players will be able to operate a number of vehicles and engage in a number of sports such as golf, tennis, cycling and big game hunting.To check out the clip in fullclick here!

Many PC users will leave left out with no word of Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to the beloved PC. However, Rockstar’s Leeds studio recently posted a job vacancy for someone to help bring the latest titles to the PC platform. However, it has since been pulled from the site. Grand Theft Auto 5 is set for release on September 17th 2013 worldwide on Xbox 360 and PS3.