Benefit recipients could claim cheap computers

A new PC costing £24 is to be provided by Go-On in an attempt to help 10.8 million disadvantaged people on benefits in the UK get online.
Get Online @ Home is also offering a laptop at the slightly higher premium of £74 – still significantly below normal market costs for a similar product.
Customers will be able to make the most of the offer between June 11th and 30th.
Both computers come complete with Windows 7 Pro as well as Microsoft Office Basic, which when combined have a recommended retail price of about £150.
Chris Williams of Get Online @ Home said: “We are delighted to be able to make this extraordinary deal available to offer real help to people that need it. Never before has anything like it been made possible.”
Those on certain types of benefits that offer more assistance will be able to access the technology on packages that cost £2.99 per month and will have access to free or low cost training.
The Get Online @ Home scheme has so far supplied more than 23,000 computers to poorer people across the UK.