Alienware updates gaming laptops

Alienware has released new versions of its 14, 17 and 18-inch laptops for the first time in years.

The new devices will have a distinctive, angular style that the gaming machine company hopes will set it apart from its other rivals on the market – who are increasingly investing in tablets.

Alienware 14, which bares the name of the screen size, will have a 1366 x 768 HD screen, a 3.4 GHz Intel core i7 processor and 1GB of Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics – as well as 8GB of memory.

This model will be released in the US with a price of $1,199 (£770), although the manufacturer calls it “the most powerful 14-inch laptop available today”.

The other systems, which have bigger screens and more updated specifications will cost even more than the smaller laptop.

Alienware is owned by Dell and aims to provide high-end PCs and laptops to gamers who want cutting edge technology to play the newest releases on.