Google in Chromebook supplier push


Chromebooks will soon be available at an increasing number of stores around the world.
The California-based tech giant wants to do more to get its laptops in the hands of consumers and has said more shops than ever will stock its products.
Chromebooks run on Google’s own operating system (OS) and have been made with ease of use and design in mind – as well as low costs.
In the US, the laptops will now be available for customers at Walmart – which will sell an Acer model with the OS.
The newly stocked laptop has a 16GB Solid State Drive and will come in at just $199 (£127).
In the UK, Dixons is currently one of the main stockists of Chromebooks, but around 116 Tesco stores are to follow in Walmart’s footsteps in offering customers the low-cost tech.
David Shapiro, director of Chromebook marketing at Google, said: “Chromebooks make great computers for everyone in the family – and now you shouldn’t have to look very far to find one.”
Other countries, including the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Australia, will also benefit from new stockists.