MacBook Air dominates thin laptop market

The MacBook Air is dominating the thin-and-light laptop market, according to new figures released by the NPD Group.
Some 56 per cent of the US market share for less-weighty devices is taken by the Apple product, while the remaining 44 per cent was captured by ultrabooks made by a variety of manufacturers in the first five months of 2013.
However, Microsoft believes the rise of hybrid tablets – which combine the keyboard and processing power of a laptop with a detachable touchscreen – will put it in a stronger position, according to CNET.
Despite its dominance of the thin-and-light market, Apple has struggled in the months since chief executive Steve Jobs passed away, following a lengthy battle with cancer.
On September 21st 2012 share prices stood at $7 (£4.60) but this has since dropped dramatically to its current level – $3.97 as of 10:24 BST on July 1st.
However, the company believes increasing sales of iPad and iPad Minis will bring the firm back to the heights it experienced in late 2012.

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