Gartner predicts computer shipments to surge

The combined number of PCs, tablets, laptops and mobile phones shipped to consumers around the world is set to increase.

This is according to Gartner Research, which forecast the quantity of devices purchased in 2013 is to grow by 5.9 per cent year on year.

However, this is despite an estimated 10.6 per cent decline in PC sales from 2012 levels, which the firm argues will be caused by a heightened appetite among consumers for the mobility of ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones.

Some 1.75 million mobile phone shipments were recorded by Gartner in 2012 and this is expected to rise to 1.82 million in 2013 before reaching 1.90 million in 2014.

The company said this will be caused by the increasing maturity that can be seen in emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil – all of which are experiencing a technology boom.

Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner, said: “Consumers want anytime-anywhere computing that allows them to consume and create content with ease, but also share and access that content from a different portfolio of products.”