Acer Aspire V5 heavy but offers value for money

The Acer Aspire V5 has a lot to offer for a laptop that costs less than £500, but consumers may find it is too heavy.
According to the International Business Times, people who purchase the computer will benefit from its fully-featured keyboard with a discrete number pad and its large 15.6-inch display.
As part of Acer’s Slimbook series, the device is thin – it has a profile of just 23 mm – and this is another factor consumers are likely to be impressed by.
However, the V5 weighs 2.3kg, meaning it is far less portable than some of the manufacturer’s other machines and carrying it around on the go could be a struggle for some individuals. Its longer shape also makes it hard to fit in to bags designed for thinner and lighter laptops.
Nevertheless, tech enthusiasts are getting a good deal with the Aspire V5, as many of Acer’s other models – such as the popular S7 – cost up to £1,000 and this price is out of reach for most consumers. Retailing at £445, the V5 is likely to be a safe bet for people on a budget.