Microsoft Kinect sensor could come to laptops soon

Microsoft has announced its Kinect sensor could soon be integrated into its range of laptops and tablets.

Speaking at the company’s TechForum in Seattle, senior advisor to the chief executive officer Craig Mundie revealed the tech giant’s goal in research is to minimise the tool and make it as cheap and small as possible.

He said his dream is to get a Kinect – which can respond to gesture and voice commands – into the bezel of a device like a Surface tablet.

Upon being asked by the Verge whether the sensor will be soon embedded into laptops, Mr Mundie claimed he believes that will happen eventually, adding: “It’s not gonna happen tomorrow, but we can see a path towards that sort of thing.”

Microsoft recently unveiled a new envisioning centre at its campus, where it showcased a whole range of Kinect-powered products and demonstrations.

According to Mr Mundie, although the firm is moving towards integrating Kinect into smaller gadgets, there are several hurdles to overcome before the technology is ready for laptops or tablets, such as the fact it does not work in daylight.